Community Students has provided us with a free service to help our sports teams. Each season we receive posters with our team logos and schedules to hand out to all our students. These posters have been made possible by vendors in our community, and in turn, we have advertised our schedules FOR FREE!! School spirit is at its peak!!

Jefferson High School, AD

The idea of getting a free service was presented to me, and it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. Every winter the varsity basketball team is proud to have their photo all over the school. Community Students has made this possible with the help of our very own supportive sponsors. We thank everyone involved that has made this possible.

Central Catholic High School, Basketball Coach

With the help of vendors in our town, Community Students has provided us with free bookcovers. As head of the public library I feel that these book covers remind students to come and use our free services. Students of both public and private schools use these bookcovers. I feel like everyone involved in making this happen is a winner!

Watterson High School, Media Director

Community Students and Academic Achievement’s products have allowed us and our sports programs to connect with the community. The support we received from the local businesses, large and small, in sponsoring our sports calendars has made a difference to the team and the school.

Lincoln High School, Athletic Director