I enjoy the opportunity that I have been given by Community Students. This has been one of the best opportunities for me. I love that I meet new people on a daily basis and have begun to develop some great connections. I also like the fact that I am supporting local schools as well as local businesses. I personally would rather help a local business than a big box store and being a part of community Students enables me to help local businesses even more.

Brian T

What I like about the company is the ease of working with the management and the opportunity to meet a lot of business owners. Selling advertising on a sports calendar or book cover is a win/win situation. The school wins by being provided calendars or book covers at no charge and the advertisers win by gaining exposure and supporting the schools leaving consumers an impression of civic mindedness.

Fred J.

I have been with Community Students for 5 years. The company is run by down to earth people like me. This job has been rewarding to me in so many ways. It allows me to spend much time with my family and still make a great living and the sky is the limit on the money you can make. My job has brought me so many new friends in my life, which I never would have met if not for Community Students. I’ve received many job offers through the last 5 years while working here with the company, but I have a great job right here with Community Students. Why would I leave?

Tony L

I really enjoy working with CSI in efforts to join local advertisers with their local teams’ book covers and sports calendars. It is not too stressful of a job – I like to walk around and be active and this job allows me to do that. Overall, I’m very happy with this job and excited about the prospects of a new calendar year and getting to go to different areas.


Michael P

Hi, my name is D. J. and I have been with Community Students since September 2003. I really enjoy what I do very much. I really like getting out and meeting new people each and every day. The flexibility that this job offers has been great for both me and my family. The money is always reliable, and Tom Murphy and the rest of the group at Community Students are all great people and a pleasure to work with. This job has provided for my family and I plan to continue to do this until I retire.


D. J.

If you are committed to putting in the time and covering your territory, Community Students is a company that can offer you the opportunity to make a good income. Territories are typically a short driving distance from your home, allowing you to work a full schedule and still be home at night. You are mentored with experienced distributors who provide you with the training that will make you successful. I stress to new employees that the company will do whatever it takes to help you to make money. The office staff is always positive and willing to help in a variety of ways.

If you are an outgoing individual able to relate to a variety of people and enjoy working on your own while completing the appointments scheduled, then working for Community Students is a good opportunity to increase your sales experience.

B. S.

I have been working with Tom Murphy for over ten years. I had every intention of retiring at age 60, which was 5 years ago, but due to my favorable experiences with Tom and Community Students, I will probably never retire. I am cognizant of the financial straits of school funds and feel a satisfaction knowing that our services benefit the schools. Bookcovers are a requirement in school’s mandates. Sports posters are an excellent venue to advertise the community’s sporting events. Folders are a necessity in organizing the students work. The products the schools receive are professional in appearance, printed in the school’s colors.

I find it enjoyable meeting with the business owners and assisting them in supporting their schools.

It has been a pleasure working for Tom and for the company.


D. B.

Whether we like to admit it or not, many of us have pre-conceived ideas of how the sales process should proceed. Many probably feel that the customer, no matter what, feels like, “Oh no, here they come,” as we approach the door. However, selling advertisements on sports posters and book covers for high schools, colleges, and universities can be an entirely different experience.

When a customer realizes that you are there on behalf of a school, it is amazing to see their expression change. In a matter of seconds, their mentality goes from “I’m not buying today” to “I might buy today” to “I will buy today” to “I’m so glad I bought today.”

Just two weeks ago, I was training a sales rep from Detroit. We walked into a tanning/salon and met the owner at the front desk. Before I could finish my pitch, she reached into her desk and grabbed her checkbook. Just by naming the high school, the process was basically finished.

The rep turned to me as we walked out of the business and asked with a shocked expression, “What just happened?” I smiled, because even after several months in the field, that seemed remarkably easy. It was almost like pushing the high school button equated to an instant sale.

But this is what you will encounter more often than not when you pound the pavement. If you create a comfortable sales approach, you will be at ease, the customer will feel relaxed and you will have great financial weeks because this product sells itself. People want to be a part of the nearby high school or college. It’s a heartfelt buy. It’s not a I-have-to-do-it-because-I’ll-need-it-down-the-road buy.

Best of luck out there!

S. A.